Our Mission

The mandate of the IWTCC is to represent wine producing countries and regions of the world that export to Canada. We work with multiple levels of Canadian governments and liquor jurisdictions on issues of common interest to enhance the marketing and sales of imported wines in Canada. We also assist in developing policies and practices which will mutually benefit the wine consumer, wine retailer and wine supplier. Additionally, we take action wherever necessary to ensure fair market access and fair market opportunity in the promotion of import wines to the Canadian consumer.


  • Identify and provide input to liquor boards or governments on policies and procedures that will enhance and provide fair opportunity for market access and promotion of imported wines.
  • Communicate the issues to the appropriate stakeholders within provincial or federal jurisdictions in order to affect change.
  • Liaison of relevant information to the respective country officials who represent our countries on international trade issue.
  • Collectively communicate, educate and responsibly promote the attributes of wine to the Canadian consumer.

Benefits of Imported Wine Category

  • Supplies a broad selection of international wines to meet the demand and tastes of the Canadian consumer.
  • Accounts as a major contributor in taxes, revenue and marketing dollars to the Canadian economy.
  • Import wines share of market is more than 65% and delivers an even higher revenue contribution.
  • Major employer and job creator for import sales agents, warehouse, distribution and merchandising staff.
  • Brings considerable lifestyle influence to the wine category through advertising, promotion, education and trade shows.
  • Leverages reciprocal trade for Canadian industries in all export markets.
  • Strengthens the Canadian wine industry due to global influence and import wine competition.