About The IWTCC

Who Is The IWTCC?

The International Wine Trade Council of Canada is comprised of Canadian trade representatives from various wine countries and regions around the world. Collectively we manage a range of issues within the association, and represent Argentina, Australia, Austria, Chile, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, USA (California and New York). Our priority is to improve trade for the wine regions we represent, and to work in tandem with Provincial Import Agency Associations. We are national in scope, and we deal with national and regional wine issues.

Current Trade Council Members

  • Consulate General of Austria – Commercial Section
  • Italian Trade Commission
  • New York Wine & Grape Foundation
  • New Zealand Winegrowers
  • UBIFRANCE North America 
  • Wine Australia
  • Wine Institute of California
  • Wines of Argentina
  • Wines of Germany
  • Wines of South Africa
  • Wines of Chile
  • Wines from Spain